Lottery Digitalisation the road ahead 

Expert Insight provided by Era Gavrielides, Director - Strategy &, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Consumers are increasingly demanding – and enjoying – digital experiences with the services they use, particularly for betting and other gaming. But the lottery sector has generally been slower than others to embrace digital, often due to regulatory concerns, the nature of the product and the age of the customer base.

Now COVID-19 is proving the catalyst for many lotteries to revisit digital strategies. With retail stores closed, lockdowns have highlighted the need to embrace digital channels. In the 15 months to September 2020, for example, online lottery participation surged by 10 percentage points, the same increase as in five years between 2013 and 2018.

The move to digital online delivery will continue to accelerate, but there are complexities to navigate – not least how to balance the online peaks normalised by COVID-19 with consumers’ willingness to return to physical retail. With no single solution across the board, it is important to have a clear view of where a lottery’s digital proposition stands.

We look at how lotteries can embrace digital and offer a lottery digitalisation strategy grounded on three pillars, underpinned by insight from more than 15 lottery executives. 
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