IAGA is proud to support SiGMA's global events as a strategic partner. Founded by Eman Pulis in 2014, the SiGMA Group is an events and media organisation focussed on iGaming, emerging tech, digital health, and affiliate marketing. With a mission to become the world’s leading authority in iGaming, the company is supported by four main pillars; SiGMA Events, SiGMA Play, Venture Capital, and its charitable arm - the SiGMA Foundation. IAGA members in good standing receive discounted registration for all of SiGMA's events throughout the year.

In 2018 the company launched a second event vertical - AIBC. The brand focuses on frontier tech, such as AI, Blockchain, Fintech, and Big Data. This was followed by the debut of AGS in 2019, a vertical dedicated to digital marketing and affiliation, and in the same year, Med Tech World - an initiative spearheading medical advancement, entrepreneurship, and digital healthcare technologies. The company currently employs over 100 employees and has offices based in Malta, Cyprus, Manila, and Belgrade.

SiGMA Americas  •  June 14 - 18, Brazil
The SiGMA Americas summit, in association with BIS, will take place from the 15th to 17th June at the Transamerica expo centre in Brazil. With regulated markets enjoying fast growth and newly emerging ones eyeing future potential – SiGMA America’s first event for the market is perfectly timed to connect its wide-reaching network in the West with LatAm’s leading suppliers, operators, and affiliates. Expect plenty of networking opportunities - from a busy expo floor and Startup Village to dinners, gala awards and a spectacular closing night party. Connect with key decision makers in the sector, including government officials, regulators, and top tier thought leaders. A packed agenda also  includes a competitive startup pitch and 2 full days of expert-led conferences.
SiGMA Asia  •  July 19 - 22, Manila, Philippines

The SiGMA Asia summit will take place from the 19th to 22nd of July at the SMX Convention Centre - Manila’s largest expo venue. SiGMA will connect its vast network in the West with Asian suppliers, operators, and affiliates, opening up new opportunities for business, and providing a space for premium networking to take place.

SiGMA Asia’s expo floor features a diversified portfolio of B2B and B2C brands, as well as a number of land-based exhibitors - making it one of the biggest gaming shows in Asia. The event will also focus on the emerging technologies, bringing emerging tech to the floor. Two full days of conference provide a platform for knowledge sharing and debate. A lineup of VIP speakers will address topics ranging from the regulatory landscape to the integration of the emerging technologies, while a series of competitive startup pitches help bring exciting new companies and ideas to light. Networking events - from dinners, gala awards, to an incredible closing night party. 

SiGMA Balkans / Cyprus  •  September 4 - 7, Limassol, Cyprus
Bringing the best in business from the CIS region together, the SiGMA CIS-Balkans event will take place between 4th and 7th September, 2023, in Limassol, Cyprus. Delegates can expect to make meaningful connections with influential industry leaders, with ample chance to engage with government officials and policy makers, affiliates, operators, and suppliers. Attendees will also benefit from a wealth of networking opportunities - from a bustling expo floor to Startup Village, invites to exclusive dinners,  two gala awards ceremonies, and an unforgettable closing night party. With a jam-packed agenda, you'll also have the chance to witness thrilling startup pitch competitions and participate in two full days of expert-led conferences.

SiGMA Europe  •  November 13 - 17, Malta
In 2014 the SiGMA Group held its first event in Malta, an iGaming conference attended by just 1000 delegates. With industry backing and a commitment to quality, SiGMA Europe has grown exponentially, taking its event from a local startup to one of the industry’s most recognised gaming events.Its most recent expo, held in November 2022 as part of Malta Week, welcomed 25,000 international guests for a week of expo, conference, and premier networking. It returns to Malta in November, 2023, where it will take place alongside sister verticals AIBC and AGS - bringing plenty of crossover opportunities.

Watch for additional details on the following:
SiGMA Africa  •  January 2024
Eurasia Summit Dubai  •  March 4 - 7, 2024