Regulatory Reform in the COVID-19 Era
Expert Insight provided by the American Gaming Association

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has consistently promoted regulatory modernization and reform in the past to ensure our industry is on the cutting edge of technology and business. Now, with the uncertainty and challenges our industry faces due to the pandemic and related economic upheaval, there are several reforms that regulators should consider to support the industry and our communities as they rebuild. 

As with all industries, COVID-19 has forced gaming regulators and the licensees they oversee to revisit their regulatory and compliance functions. In just a matter of weeks – and in some cases days – regulators completely redesigned their work, including shifting to virtual agency meetings, testing gaming products from home, and revamping license application and renewal processes. While many of these changes were originally temporary, now licensees and the regulatory community can see the long-term benefit of incorporating these new procedures permanently. 

At a time when budgets for both state and tribal regulators and gaming companies are stretched thin, these initially temporary fixes offer permanent, budget-conscious solutions. The industry and regulatory community have become more comfortable with a variety of technological tools and new procedures that streamline industry oversight – without compromising gaming integrity or customer safety. Now is the time to adopt these modern tools permanently to help the industry navigate our new operating environment and build a robust recovery that will generate more tax revenue and jobs for our communities.

The topics covered by this white paper include:

  1. Streamlining Licensing to Reduce Cost and Administrative Burdens for Agencies and Licensees
  2. Embracing Technological Opportunities for Public Access to Agency Options
  3. Supporting Innovation and Investment in the Gaming Industry will be Essential to Rebuilding and Growth

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