Generation Z: by the Names and Numbers
Provided by Robin Bernhard and BMM Testlabs

“Gen-Z Attitudes Should Be Influencing Company Decisions Right Now” – Forbes, Jan 14, 2020

“Generation Z is bigger than millennials- and they’re out to change the world” – NY Post, Jan 25, 2020

“Catharsis queen: how Billie Eilish became the voice of Gen Z – and the Grammys” – The Guardian, Jan 27, 2020  *Yes, just the other night…


The last two decades have seen entire industries grapple to understand and clamor to catch up with millennials. Trends, lingo, purchasing decisions and communication preferences have been dissected, analyzed, poured into algorithms and squinted at in spreadsheets.  

Companies have created apps, hashtags, games, social media and loyalty programs all seeking what thousands of consulting companies, sociologists and harried HR professionals now call, ‘authentic engagement’ of millennial employees, patrons and customers. 

For the casino industry, this effort has gone beyond these initiatives and impacted operators, manufacturers and regulators in very distinct ways. 

Operators have extended the experience of the property beyond casino walls to computers, devices and smart phones. Traditional floors have evolved, morphed and incorporated nightclubs, shopping, spas and other amenities.

Manufacturers are racing to push the envelope of skill-based gaming, sports betting, bonusing and analytics. 

Regulators are translating governance and control measures around it all to ensure transparency and impartiality. 

Every aspect of the casino industry has evolved in terms of recognizing and aligning business to Millennials, however, now is not the time for complacency. Generation Z, defined by the Pew Research Center as being Americans born from 1997 through 2016 now account for roughly 26% of the population2 and this number is growing quickly.

It doesn’t take an economist to point out that this represents a demographic tsunami with a different frame of reference and disparate perspective than Millennials. Operators, manufacturers and regulators would be well served in recognizing this new “next generation” and to start thinking creatively about how to attract and interact with this growing market.

For actionable insight, fresh perspective, facts and figures on Generation Z, click here for an illuminating white paper prepared for BMM Testlabs by Robin Bernhard, Director of Channel Operations at RG24seven.