G2E 2022 IAGA Best Practices Institute
Monday, October 10

9 a.m.

North America Regulator Roundtable: Balancing Regulation with Constant Change
A continuation of the discussion we started at our International Gaming Summit in June, our distinguished panel of regulators from North America will discuss some of the critical issues they are facing and share insight into how they are approaching issues like how new and developing privacy laws are clashing with personal data requirements, how they view the rapid growth of artificial intelligence and its potential use, their priorities on keeping pace with growing risks and technology changes, and how they are addressing the shifting sands of suitability and an ever increasing focus on responsible gambling.

 10:10 a.m.

Key Developments in Online Sports Betting and Gaming
Over the last five years, 35 states and Washington, DC have legalized online sports betting or iGaming bringing new forms of legalized gaming to more than 160 million Americans. Featuring an impressive lineup of sports betting experts, this session will discuss the current state of regulation of U.S. sports betting, iGaming and DFS including key developments in advertising and responsibility, remaining challenges to the industry presented by collegiate sports wagering, and deals shaping the sports betting industry now and for years to come.  

 11:20 a.m.

Around the World: What’s Happening in Other Markets
Beyond the shores of North America, the regulated gaming industry continues to evolve and change, with the resulting ripples felt across the world. Featuring an impressive lineup of global regulatory experts, our panelists will discuss key topics of interest including the impact of the suitability investigations of certain Australia casino operators and the potential implications these investigations could have on the industry and how it is regulated. They’ll also discuss the shifting and growing opportunities in Latin America, and explore what’s happening in Asia Pac, Europe and beyond.

1:30 p.m.

Combatting Financial and Cyber Crimes in the Growing Digital Age
As online gaming and sports betting continues to expand, its operational growth in the digital space is simultaneously causing a corresponding growth in online schemes. Using updates and key considerations from the AGA’s AML Best Practices publication, our panel will discuss how online operators can stay ahead of these money laundering and other online risks. Featuring experts who will address the growing danger cyber criminals face and how to address it, the panelists will look at know your customer considerations and enhancements, due diligence and enhanced due diligence measures, how data analytics can be used to effectively and efficiently combat financial crimes, and what cybersecurity tools and measures are available to protect growing operations.

2:40 p.m.

Keeping up with new technology, gaming innovations and trends
Global gaming options have come a long way from basic three-reel slot machines and table games that didn’t require power: today’s land-based and online casinos offer an increasing number of technology-driven products and services that incorporate state-of-the-art features that are commonplace in other industries. Unfortunately, many of the “cutting edge” innovations that could enhance the gaming experience, provide enhanced player protections or streamline operations run into a wide range of approval challenges. Featuring a wide range of panelists who are involved in driving gaming’s emerging innovations and trends or are responsible for regulating and licensing them, our panel will discuss the current state of technology in the industry and suggest ways that the industry can work together to enhance innovation within current regulatory confines to maintain the required level of supervision and control but at the same time be modern and not stifle progress and innovation.