Amendment to Macau's Gaming Law and Tender Regulation
Insight provided by Rui Pinto Proenca, Managing Partner, Rui Filipe Oliveira, Partner, and Carlos Eduardo Coelho, Senior Associate, MdME Lawyers

The bill amending Law 16/2001 (the Gaming Law) has been approved on June 21 by Macau’s Legislative Assembly, with the favorable votes of all legislators but one. Except for provisions governing gaming promoters, their agents and casino management companies, all the amendments introduced by Law 07/2022 (the Amendment to the Gaming Law) have entered into force on June 23. Following the enactment of the Amendment to the Macau Gaming Law, the Chief Executive (the CE) has approved Administrative Regulation 28/2022 which sets the rules governing the public tender for the award of casino concession contracts. Reg 28/22 has entered into force on July 6 and amends Reg 26/2001 (the original public tender regulation). On this client note, we summarize and explain some of the key changes brought by the Amendment to the Gaming Law and by Reg 28/2022, its implications to the different industry stakeholders, as well as the expected next steps. To view the full summary and explanation, click here.