Thursday,  June 18   –  General Sessions
 9 - 10 a.m. 

A digital challenge: making gambling safer through game and product design
In October 2019, the British Gambling Commission set industry tough challenges to accelerate progress to raise standards and reduce gambling harm. Working groups led by senior industry leaders were established and supported by the Commission. This panel will discuss game and product design across both land-based and online sectors and the development of an effective Industry Code for Product Design.  The panel will discuss the Code (expected to be published before the Summit), how the gambling industry can produce “safer” products in the future, game development, product risks and mitigation, and what will not be acceptable under the Code.  The Panel will include members of the working groups and industry technology experts.  It will be invaluable for game designers, existing British licensees, new entrants or those in jurisdictions likely to follow in the footsteps of the British Gambling Commission.

 10 - 10:30 a.m. Networking Break

 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Is gambling advertising in danger of going
the same way as tobacco advertising? 
In late 2018, Italy’s advertising and communications regulator Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni (AGCOM) introduced a blanket gambling advertising ban aimed at reducing rates of gambling addiction and ratcheting up player protection efforts. This quickly drew the attention of regulators and legislators elsewhere, with the imposition of tighter advertising restrictions or consideration of bans in other European countries, the overall industry impact of which is potentially huge, especially within sports betting markets. This panel will take a deep dive into sports betting and other gambling advertising bans, debating the numerous facets of the issue. These include whether the European experience will be replicated in the US, whether bans or tighter restrictions have any influence on the prevalence of problem gambling, whether they drive online consumers to unregulated websites offshore, whether they represent a perceived or real failure of the industry to implement appropriate controls and safeguards, what effect a bombardment of gambling advertising has on the public reputation of the industry and the cascading effect gambling advertising and sponsorship bans have on collateral industries.

11:30 – 12:30 a.m.

The shifting sands of opportunity in Asia
Opportunities in Asia demand global attention as the top performing region in the land-based industry finds itself the focus of scrutiny, criticism and speculation. Japan inches towards integrated resorts yet finds itself shrouded in controversy. The lucrative gambling licence renewal process is under way in Macau. What is happening in  China and Hong Kong is the question on everyone’s lips and how this might impact Macau? Online gambling, once thought to be a fantastic opportunity for growth, is now often perceived as a serious risk due to political pressure from China. Regulation and compliance in the region still largely lags behind other jurisdictions particularly in terms of policy and enforcement, hindering growth opportunities for global companies interested in expanding in Asia. Featuring experts who address daily the challenges and opportunities in this key region, this panel will explore the current state of gambling in Asia whilst evaluating what the market has learned from its past and is doing to shape its future.

12:30 – 1 p.m.


 1 - 2:30 p.m.

A Hands-on Approach to Anti-Money Laundering and KYC
During our first interactive session of the afternoon, we are tackling financial crime and risk with an intensive, multi-faceted dive into anti-money laundering and KYC issues impacting global gambling. To kick off this 90-minute session, we will start with a high level review of what is happening with AML and KYC on a global scale, briefly evaluating trends in the US, Europe and Asia that will touch on topics like the American Gaming Association’s newest AML best practices documents and the UK Gambling Commission’s updated AML prevention guidance. 

Following the high-level review, we will break the audience out into smaller targeted discussions focused on:

  • AML’s impact on digital and mobile
  • KYC enhancements and EDD measures
  • Monitoring techniques both back-of-house and front-of-house
  • Sanctions / OFAC / PEP considerations
  • Impact of sports wagering as a product offering
  • KYC challenges related to VIP customers, identifying potential tax avoidance schemes

Once the breakout sessions are complete, we will bring the audience back together for key takeaways from each breakout topic. 

2:30  - 4 p.m.

Inside the lucrative world of VIP gambling: opportunities, challenges and risks
Our second interactive session will explore the highly lucrative, yet highly challenging world of VIP gambling. We will begin the session with a high level look at how VIP players are viewed around the world, with our experts providing insight into the opportunities and challenges presented in their respective global territory. Next, we will break into smaller groups to discuss the following:

  • Challenges with marketing to VIP players 
  • How operators manage VIP player RG concerns and responsibilities, mitigating the risk of incentives encouraging inappropriate gambling behaviour
  • Where is the line between providing good customer service and inappropriate behavior that could raise compliance concerns and put employees at risk / in vulnerable situations
  • VIP consensus between operators: can the industry strike a balance that avoids the need for tougher regulations
  • Asia VIP lessons learned 
  • Recent VIP schemes criticism, how they might be addressed and the potential impact on VIP bonus structures 

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